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Mar 04, 2016· This is an easy-to-build dust separator with a baffle based on J. Phil Thien's well-known "cyclone" design. It works because the incoming air is forced around the outside wall, where the heavier dust and chips fall through a slot in the baffle, into the large trash can below.

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Oct 28, 2016· Thien vs. the Super Dust Deputy Thien vs. the Super Dust Deputy. By bleedinblue, October 12, 2016 in The Shop. Share ... For those without a cyclone, what kind of separator do you use with your dust collectors? Is a shop made Thien separator as effective as a Super Dust Deputy, or is the SDD efficient enough to justify the cost?

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Oct 02, 2020· Dustopper High Efficiency Dust Separator, 12-inch Dia with 2 1/2-inch x 36-inch Hose | The Home Depot Canada The Dustopper - A dust separator that takes a new spin on dust control I have a CV06 Mini Cyclone so I have no interest in it. If you want to pay for it I'll get one and measure it up and send you the info.

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W = dust load (grains/acf) Fractional efficiencies • collection efficiency @ various particle sizes • fractional or size efficiency curve • may be graphical or tabular. Example Size Efficiency Curve Particle Diameter (microns) % collection (B.W) 1 5 3 74 5 92 10 98.74 30 99.4 50 99.8 100 99.99.

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Dec 17, 2010· Hi I've done the reading and am planning to build a Thien style dust separator. I've considered the Dust Deputy from Carbatec, but I'm put off by the size of the piping.It forces you to drop down to about 2.5 inches I think, which is a huge reduction from my 4" 2HP extractor. Dust extraction and Thien separators. My ...

Do you have any idea how good it is at ultra-fine dust, the kind you see off MDF or from sanding? Does it get collected as well, or just (potentially, depending on your extractor) passed out into the air again? I will find out and let you know. beech1948 wrote:The Thien separator is a very proven design and even has its own web site and forum.

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Improved Thien Baffle Dust Collector Design From Two Buckets. May 2020. Home made cyclone dust extractor made from two 5 gal buckets. Saved by Ron Thompson. 26. Dust Collector Diy Dust Extractor Dust Collection Diy Tools Cool Gadgets Woodworking Tools Vacuums Workshop Buckets.

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Cyclone separator is a method of removing particulate from an air, gas or liquid stream without the use of filters, through vortex separation. Rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids ands fluids. The method can also be used to separate fine droplets of liquid from a gaseous stream.

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Re: Pentz Cyclone vs. Thien Separator I kinda liked the the 55 second video Will buried in the Thien forum link regarding "Vanwoodworker"'s running his cheapo Thien/'top hat'-modified Harbour Freight dust collector, pouring in sawdust into the inlet and leaving unconnected the output of separator baffle to visually show the apparent "success" in dust separation.

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As Phil Thien says in his design, the baffle is a critical piece of the separator. This allows dust whipping around the inside of the separator to drop into the bucket and not get picked back up. I started by making a slightly smaller circle than the last one. This needs to …

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Nov 11, 2019· Thien separator for 30 gal garbage can. Thread Modes. Thien separator for 30 gal garbage can ... posts, blogs, and youtube videos on this, but not quite enough information. And a lot of them are for shop vacs, not dust collectors.I did make one for the shop vac that fits inside a Rockler Vortex can (whose lid cracked due to vacuum pressure ...

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Feb 17, 2014· A lot of reading, thinking and changing my mind I finally decided to try and make a Thien baffle (Based on J. Phil Thien's design, here) and use that in conjunction with the shop-vac. The plans shown below are for basic 5-gallon bucket dust separator. Someday I may have to make a bigger baffle but for now this works like a charm.

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Nov 01, 2011· The pictures show the arrangement of the separator, and a test run with 2 x 2m hoses connected to the little dust collector. The test run was interesting. I sucked up 3kg of dust from my table saw dust separator, and this included rat droppings from a problem I had at one stage. Only 80% of the dust went in to the garbage bin, by weight.

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Using a small separator with a large 3-hp dust collector could overpower the separator, pulling large debris right through it or collapse it. Likewise, a shop vacuum will struggle to pull enough dust-laden air through a large separator with a 4" or larger port.

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So I've decided to go with the time tested, and very popular, Thien baffle. I recently just got of those dust collector separator lids, similar to the one below and wanted to incorporate said baffle in the design. Phil's design however has the output port center of the container. The separator I got doesn't.

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Oneida Air Systems - Dust Deputy dust separator, dust cyclone. Model units are inch.

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The Cyclone Separator with a handle works by drawing the air downward as opposed to horizontally, causing the large debris to settle at the bottom of the can. The separator also has port holes that protrude out to provide an easy hookup for your dust collection hose.

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Nov 11, 2019· Thien separator for 30 gal garbage can. Thread Modes. Thien separator for 30 gal garbage can. bhh Member. Posts: 648 Threads: 0 Joined: Aug 2011 ...

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Hector's Thien-baffle shopvac Shop vac mounted over a thien-baffle and container for catching the dust You can download a PDF of this drawing: thien_separator.pdf